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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Mariana Podgorski-Guyett, and I am a Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant appointed by the Attorney-General’s Department.

It would be an honour and a privilege to be your Celebrant and to be a significant part of celebrating your special day. That unique and momentous occasion; that acknowledgement of a major milestone; that special person or pet in your life.

Why did I become a celebrant?

It was an easy decision for me, prompted a few years ago during a sad family passing! At the initial meeting with the celebrant the family was faced with a couple of challenges, at which point I provided suggestions! The celebrant agreed and commented that I should consider becoming a celebrant. He said that I displayed the warmth, the personality and qualities to become a celebrant! Wow — really!

It literally hit me one day when I recalled that moment, and I immediately applied for the course. Before I knew it I had completed Certificate IV in Celebrancy at The Gordon, Geelong, Victoria, and never looked back. He was so right and here I am!

I take pride in everything I do and being a celebrant brings me even greater joy and happiness to be a part of a relationship and sharing significant life events of my clients, whether it’s a wedding, commitment ceremony, renewal of vows, a naming, a house warming or even in memory of the pet we trusted!

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Celebrating your life and the life of your loved one and how far you or they have come is important — celebrate you, celebrate your loved one!

Live! Love! Life! Learn! Laugh!

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